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Aluminum alloy computer gong processing steps

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Aluminum alloy computer gong processing steps


1. five axis linkage CNC machining definition: there are at least 5 coordinates on a machine tool, 3 linear coordinates and two rotating coordinates, respectively.
2. five axis CNC machining features:
(1) three axis machining tools can not be processed or need to be clamped too long.
(2) improve the accuracy, quality and efficiency of free surface.
3. five axis linkage CNC processing and the difference between the three axis; five axis difference and three axis multi axis, five axis coordinate establishment and the code representation Z axis determination: the machine tool spindle axis direction or the work table perpendicular direction of the workpiece to the Z axis X axis determination: the horizontal plane or in the horizontal plane with the workpiece surface or in the horizontal plane selection The axis of the axis perpendicular to the workpiece is X axis, and the direction away from the spindle axis is in the positive direction.